Privacy Policy

Compliance with laws and standards concerning protection of personal information We comply with the Act on Protection of Personal Information and all other laws and standards concerning personal information to properly handle personal information. We have implemented internal regulations concerning the handling of personal information in accordance with these laws and all of our staff is committed to protecting personal information.

Purpose of use of personal information

We use personal information provided to us for only limited and specified purposes.

Provision to third parties

We do not provide personal information provided to us to any third party without consent of the person, unless required by law.

Security measures

To protect personal information, we take all necessary technical and organizational security measures including implementing an information security system, and are committed to preventing any alteration or leakage of personal information.

Continuous efforts

We have established a section within our organization that controls protection of personal information through which we routinely monitor our internal system and the operational status of protection of personal information, and if any improvement is needed, we take necessary measures in a timely manner.

On this site, we use personal information provided to us only for the relevant operation under proper management in compliance with our Personal Information Protection Policy. We do not provide any personal information provided to us to any third party without your consent. We collect user attributes through a survey, cookie information, log information and other anonymous data. Such information is collected only for understanding your profile, creating more useful contents for our users, and providing statistical data to our advertisers. We do not use such information for any other purposes. We use cookie information primarily to confirm the registration information provided by you on “My Page” or to display banner advertisement correctly on your computer. This information cannot be used to identify any individual. You can block cookies by simply changing the browser’s settings on your computer.

About sharing personal information

QUICK Benchmarks Inc. may share personal information with QUICK Benchmarks Inc. affiliated companies (QUICK Corp. and its group companies, including subsidiaries of QUICK Corp. (the same shall apply hereafter)).

  • (1) Items of personal information used jointly

    Name, employment information (company name, division/department, title, address, telephone number, email address), date/time/content of inquiries/interviews, and status of introduction/use of services.

  • (2)Scope of shared users

    QUICK Benchmarks Inc. and its group companies (including subsidiaries of QUICK Corp.)

  • (3)Purpose of jointly using personal information

    For appropriate response to inquiries, business communication with QUICK Benchmarks Inc. and QUICK Benchmarks Inc. affiliates, management of contracts and debts, and the purpose of use at each company listed on the website of the joint user.

  • (4)Person in charge of managing personal information to be shared

    QUICK Benchmarks Inc.

  • (5)If you wish to make an inquiry, to discuss, or to file a complaint with regard to the handling of personal information in connection with the Company’s services, please feel free to contact us at the below e-mail address: